About us
The story of Another Day started as most small shops do, a casual conversation over coffee between two ordinary moms at the kitchen table. We talked about life, kids, and somehow landed on how the quality of kids clothing that our relatives would bring as gifts from South Korea was unmatched.  We laughed about how our kids would exclusively reach for the ones from Korea saying they were the most comfortable, and wished we had access to them here in Canada.  This was probably 'the moment' when we turned to each other and thought - should we?  We were curiously cautious about starting a business amidst the chaos of our daily lives while raising little ones, but something was telling us to just...try.  With lots of ideas and zero experience we committed to being kind to ourselves, learning and growing together, one day at a time. And so began, Another Day. 
We truly believe that it's the everyday, in between moments at home with family that are in fact the most joy-filled moments of our lives. Our hope and goal in everything we do is to bring you and your family comfort for those everyday moments. 

With love and gratitude,
Esther and Suzie